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Download The Complete Guide to Arduino Make Android RC Car

Android RC Car is a control device controlled by Udemy's Bluetooth Video Tutorial . Arduino is an open source hardware and software company that designs and manufactures microcontroller kits to create digital devices and interactive objects that you can control in physical world. You will learn how to build it in this project. Also, the codes are shared to you so that you can duplicate your project with it. How to measure the distance and obstacles using the ultrasonic HC-SR04 sensor, How to set up Bluetooth with other devices How to control the DC motors using the L298N controller How to integrate the components of a complete system How to set up You will learn the chassis to make the body and how to make the circuit using the shell.

Course headings:

- How to measure the distance using the ultrasonic sensor - HC-SR04 and identify obstacles.
- How to communicate with other devices using Bluetooth
- How to control a DC motor using the L298N motor controller.
- How to combine different components to create a complete system.
- How to make a car chassis to mount the car on it.
- How to create circuits using the breadboard.

Download The Complete Guide to Arduino Make Android RC Car

Video Tutorial Complete Guide to Arduino Make Android RC Car:

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- Teacher: Azy Geek

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Complete Guide to Arduino Make Android RC Car

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