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Download C ++ From Basic to advance by Practice

C ++ From basic to advance by Practice , film education programming ++ C from baseline by practice that has been prepared and published by Udemy is for the fans. If you want to name one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, it's undoubtedly the most widely used ++ C language, which attracts many enthusiasts around the world. But to learn this programming language we need a comprehensive training course. Cevad Cevik, a moderator from C ++ From basic to advance by Practice , has been working on a simple, step-by-step course. He first teaches basic discussions and then explains advanced topics. The course instructor tells you what the right way to practice is and teach you how to do all the work yourself. In the film of C ++ From basic to advance by Practice on topics such as an introduction to ++ C, flow control, combining data, sort algorithms, object-oriented programming, functions, resource, project, game programming and … Referred to . You can also use the Learning PDFs within the existing curriculum to learn more.

C ++ From basic to advance by practice
C ++ From basic to advance by practice

Topics in this course:

01. Basic of C ++

- C ++ Compiler
- Structure of C ++ Program
- Variable
- Operator
- Implicit and Explicit Conversion
- Input & Output
- Exercise: Converting Temperature
- Exercise: Calculating interest
- Exercise: Using Ternary Operator
- Exercise: Displaying the largest number from user input using Ternary Operator
- Exercise: Converting the input number to years, months and days
- Quiz: Basic of C ++
- Lab Assignments with Solutions

02. Statements & Flow of Control

- If and If else statement
- Switch Statement
- Flow of Control - Loops
- Exercise: Finding Absolute Value of a Number
- Exercise: Calculating total costs
- Exercise: Checking the salary of a worker
- Exercise: Calculating monthly bills
- Exercise: Finding the roots of the quadratic equation
- Exercise: ASCII Values
- Exercise: Calculating the natural numbers
- Exercise: Calculating the sum of digits
- Exercise: Checking if the number is prime or not
- Exercise: The count of positive, negative and neros
- Exercise: Printing out Armstrong numbers
- Exercise: Calculating Series; 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ... .1 / n
- Exercise: Printing out specific shapes
- Quiz: Booleans
- Quiz: Loops
- Lab Assignments with Solutions

03. Functions

- Intro & Library Functions
- User defined Functions
- Argument by value
- Argument by reference
- getline () function
- Count the number of characters in a string
- Exercise: Checking if user input, alphabet, digit or character
- Exercise: Number guessing game
- Exercise: Writing function to calculate the factorial value
- Exercise: Writing a function to use arguments and return double value
- Exercise: Using reference as a function parameter
- Quiz: Functions

04. Compound Data Types

- One dimensional Array
- Two-dimensional Array
- Pointer
- Reference Variable
- Add matrices using multidimensional array
- Passing argument to functions by value
- Pass-by-reference with pointer arguments
- Pass by reference using reference
- Const Function ReferencePointer Parameters
- New and delete Operator
- New and delete Operator 2
- Array vs. Pointer
- Function pointer
- Passing structure into function
- Quiz: Arrays
- Quiz: Pointers

05. Search / Sort Algorithms

- Linear Search
- Binary Search
- Bubble sort
- Insertion Sort
- Selection Sort
- Exercise: The sum and average of one dimensional array
- Exercise: Swapping the numbers
- Exercise: Reversing the element of the array
- Exercise: Searching value inside of array
- Exercise: Searching value using Binary search

06. Object-Oriented Programming in C ++

- Intro-Object Oriented Programming Language
- Class definition, Instances, Dot Operator
- OOP Example
- Multiple Files
- Multiple Files, Class Time Example 1
- Multiple Files, Class Author Example 2
- Exercise: Class Circle
- Exercise: Class Time
- Exercise: Class Student
- Exercise: Class Report
- Exercise: Class Rectangle

07. Object-Oriented Programming in C ++ / Inheritance, Polymorphism, Friends, ... ..

- Inheritance
- Inheritance, Polymorphism, Virtual Function and Abstract Function
- Friend Functions
- Friend Class
- Operator Overloading

08. File Handling

- Data file handling
- Write in a text file
- Read and display
- Count the number of characters, words and lines
- Copy from one file to another file
- Intro to Binary files
- Binary method - write and display
- Binary File-search and display, delete, record and modify a record

09. STL and some useful resources

- 1-hidden pointer 'this'
- try, throw and catch
- Vector Intro
- Vectors - Assign
- at () function vs, back () function vs front () function
- Stack
- Queue

10. Project - Candy Machine Project

- Candy Machine Project - Part 1
- Candy Machine Project - Part 2

11. Game Programming - 2D / 3D

- Steps to make a game / tips
- Game Engines / Libraries and Conclusion

Other Specifications C ++ From basic to advance by Practice :

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Cevad Cevik

- Training time: more than 13 hours

- Training project: no

- Release date: 2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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