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Download ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training Tutorial

ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training is another tutorial from the famous Lynda company that is familiar with and working with this ASP.NET framework. In this video tutorial how to build a strong and effective framework for the application, maintenance and scalability of web'll learn. Jess Chadwick, professor of film learning ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training his work expresses basic issues in this case, and then you will start with the It's different to get familiar with all its angles and easy to use. These tutorials can help you learn in the simple way of expressing concepts as well as having training projects, and at the same time seeing the video tutorial, you can practice and use these topics so you can learn more quickly. .

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Topics in this course:

- What is Microsoft ASP.NET MVC?
- Creating your first ASP.NET MVC project
- Understanding the MVC architecture
- Interacting with models and ViewData
- Applying advanced layout techniques
- Routing requests to controller actions
- Validating user input
- Authenticating registered users
- Caching pages
- Reducing bandwidth usage with bundling and minification
- Displaying mobile-optimized content
- Simplifying a complex application with areas
- Configuring and deploying to IIS or Windows Azure

Heads of training:

01. Getting Started
02. The Fundamentals of ASP.NET MVC
03. Working with Views
04. Creating a Consistent Look and Feel
05. Routing Requests to Controller Actions
06. Working with Data
07. Enhancing Your Site with AJAX
08. Securing Your Site
09. Optimizing Site Performance
10. Targeting Mobile Devices
11. Ensuring Separation of Concerns
12. Deploying Your Application to the World
13. Conclusion14. Intro

Other Video Tutorial:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Lynda

- Teacher: Jess Chadwick

- Duration of training: 3 hours and 9 minutes

- Training project:

- English language

- Playback quality: 720p

- File format: MP4

- Subtitle Persian: No

Download ASP.NET MVC 4 Essential Training Tutorial for free and direct link from Persian Download

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