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Download Apple Watch Learn To Create 5 Apps Using Watch Kit

Video tutorial learn Apple Watch Learn To Create 5 Apps Using Watch Kit Build 5 app for Apple Watch by Udemy for all those interested in learning and teaching of successive Apple Watch has been released. No matter whether you are an expert user or a beginner user, this course is designed for anyone looking for a starting point in the development of iOS and the development of the Apple Watch organization, where individuals can take incredible iOS apps. They are looking to get started and developing software to watch Apple.

Eugene plotters, teacher videos of Apple Watch Learn To Create 5 Apps Using Watch Kit said that the documents Apple is long and you can go to any of tips, tricks and different periods of use, and through them how to make See step-by-step and advanced training for Apple Walk. In this tutorial, you will learn the topics related to the installation of Xcode Beta, the creation of a work area, the construction of 5 hours software, the use of various functions, the combination of software Apple Watch and so on. Hope you enjoy downloading this tutorial.


Apple Watch Learning Features Learn To Create 5 Apps Using Watch Kit:

- More than 7 years of experience in the information technology industry

- Install the beta Xcode

- Set up a work area

- Build 5 hours software

- More than 4 years of experience in developing IOS

- More than 34 lectures

Topics in this course:

Section 1: Introduction

- Lecture 1: Here's a quick bit of information about myself and what we will cover in this course.

- Lecture 2: Information on the Apple Watch

- Speech 3: Install Xcode so that we can create Apple Watch apps.

- Lecture 4: The Xcode basics belong to the software efficienly

Section 2: The Basics of Apple Watch

- Lecture 5: Create a preview interface with the Apple Watch app

- Lecture 6: Connect the interface to the objects

- Lecture 7: Buttons and tags behind the scenes

Section 3: A useful flashcard application move

- Lecture 8: Create an action push interface for the flash card application

- Lecture 9: Activate the push action buttons in the Apple Watch app

- Speech 10: Implementation of the program of action movements of pressure

- Lecture 11: Specific operation on differences and pressure actions

- Lecture 13: Use of free resources to create the program

- Lecture 13: Physical resources and the use and movement of some websites

Section 4: Web server requests

- Lecture 14: Create and start variables

- Lecture 15: The timezone for data information in different time zones

- Lecture 16: Request the server and create an fromat code that obtains information from the web server

- Lecture 17: Server data response

- Speech 18: JSON Dictionary and Cover to read this file

- Speech 19: Find the time zone and view the results

Section 5: New Year Countdown

- Speech 20: Creates a countdown of the iPhone interface

- Lecture 21: Insert images and icons in the Apple Watch app

- Speech 22: Starting variables

- Lecture 23: Talk about the program countdown format

- Lecture 24: The beginning of the code and the countdown timer

- Lecture 25: Creating code in time format

Section 6: Sharing Information

- Speech 26: Activate the iPad group

- Speech 27: Enable sharing between devices

- Lecture 28: Create a security code to share Apple Watch

- Lecture 29: Group code sharing software

Section 7: Notifications

- Speech 30: How to use Apple Notifications and Instructions

- Lecture 31: Interactive notifications

Section 8: Last Description

- Speech 32: Development Process

- Speech 33: The final thought and look to the future

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- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Eugene Plater  

- Duration of training: 4 hours

- Training project: no

- English language

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