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Download Apple Watch Development with Swift

Apple Watch Development with Swift is a video tutorial for Apple Watchet's development with Swift that is provided by Udemy and is available to software enthusiasts and engineers. In this educational video, you have been taught how to use Swift to teach your loved ones. Jason Rybka, a moderator of Apple Watch Development with Swift , will begin with the introduction to the training course in the course and will continue to discuss topics such as the understanding of Swift programming language, the familiarity and how to develop Apple apps. Watche, how to integrate the WhatsApp software with the current iPhone and many more to get you started with this. The Apple Watch Development with Swift educational video tutorial allows you to do all the work in practice.

Apple Watch Development with Swift
Apple Watch Development with Swift

Topics in this course:

01: Introduction to Apple Watch Development with Swift

- Welcome and What to Expect from the Course and Requirements

02: Learning the Swift Programming Language

- Do you know Swift?
- Swift Basic Syntax, Variables, and Constants
- Swift Variables, Constants, and Syntax
- Swift Number Types
- Swift Numbers
- Conditionals - If / Else, Switch, and the Ternary Operator
- Swift Conditionals
- Swift Loops - For, While, and Do-While Loops
- Swift Loops
- Swift Functions
- Swift Functions
- Swift Arrays (a collection type)
- Swift Arrays
- Swift Dictionaries (a collection type)
- Swift Dictionaries
- Swift Sets (a collection type)
- Swift Sets
- Swift Tuples
- Swift Tuples
- Swift Optionals
- Swift Optionals
- Swift Enumerations
- Swift Enumerations
- Swift Closures
- Swift Closures
- Swift Getters and Setters (a property observer)
- Swift Getters and Setters
- Swift Classes - Introduction
- Swift Classes Intro Quiz
- Swift Class Access Levels and Computed Properties
- Swift Class Access and Computed Properties Quiz
- Swift Subclasses
- Swift Subclasses
- Swift Structures
- Swift Structures
- NSUserDefaults (a quick look)
- NSUserDefaults Quiz

03: Creating a WatchKit App - The Basics

- How to Create a Watch Project and Get Started with WatchKit
- Watch Interface Elements - a Quick Overview
- Coin Toss - A Quick and Simple App Example
- Coin Toss Source Code Files

04: Groups, Tables, and Multiple Screens

- Groups - A WatchKit Group Demo
- Groups Demo Source Code Files
- Tables - A WatchKit Table Demo
- Tables (continued ...)
- Tables Demo Source Code
- Multiple Screens ans Segues
- Multiple Screens Demo Source Code

05: Sharing Data Between the iPhone and the Watch

- Lucky Numbers - Sharing Data with the iPhone
- Lucky Numbers - Sharing Data with the iPhone (2)
- Lucky Numbers - Sharing Data with the iPhone (3)
- Lucky Numbers App Source Code

06: Maps and Current Location

- Maps - Adding a Map, Location and Annotations (MapIt)
- Maps - Getting the User's Location (Mapit continued)
- Mapit App Demo Source Code

07: APIs - Application Programming Interfaces

- APIs - An Introduction to Application Programming Interfaces
- XML ​​APIs - How to Use an XML API
- XML ​​API Source Code
- JSON APIs - How to Use a JSON API
- JSON API Source Code

08: App Examples

- Answer Ball Watch App
- Answer Ball Source Code
- Watch Calculator (1)
- Watch Calculator (2)
- Watch Calculator (3)
- Watch Calculator (4)
- Watch Calculator (5)
- Watch Calculator Source Code

09: Adding Images to Your Watch App Extension

- Adding Apple Watch Icons to Your Project

10: Glances, Notifications, and Menus for the Watch

- Glances - Demo App
- Glance Demo Source Code
- Notifications - Demo App
- Notifications Demo Source Code
- Menus - Demo App
- Menus Demo Source Code

11: Congratulations and Next Steps

- Congratulations and where to go from here.

Other Specifications Apple Watch Development with Swift:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Jason Rybka

- Training time: 9 hours

- Training project:

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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