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Download Android Essential Training Tutorial

Android Essential Training is a tutorial on familiarizing and using the Android operating system for fans of this mobile operating system, developed by Lynda . In the Android Essential Training tutorial, I've tried to tell you all the angles and capabilities of this operating system to help you get better and more efficiently. Dan Gookin , an instructor of Android Essential Training , begins with the introduction to training in the course, and continues to discuss issues such as familiarizing and checking Android basic options, how to populate the main page, getting to know the options. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, how to control applications, how to use and phonebook capabilities, how to configure email accounts, and more to get you started with this popular mobile phone operating system. Your loved ones can find the video of Android Essential Training full knowledge of the Android operating system to use as a reference.

Android Essential Training
Android Essential Training

Topics in this course:

- Exploring basic Android operations
- Understanding and customizing the Home screen
- Connecting with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- Controlling your apps
- Using your mobile address book
- Configuring email accounts
- Receiving and sending email
- Handling telephone calls and accessing voicemail
- Using Google Hangouts and Skype
- Using tabs and bookmarks
- Taking and managing photos and videos
- Getting directions and finding locations with the Maps app
- Making appointments and setting alarms and timers
- Transferring files
- Sharing the mobile data network
- Extending battery life
- Monitoring data usage

Topics discussed in this course:

00. Introduction

- Welcome
- What you should know before watching this course

01. Basic Android Operations

- Exploring your Android device
- Mastering the touch screen
- Understanding the home screen
- Entering text
- Editing text

02. Customize and Configure Your Device

- Managing your accounts
- Customizing the home screen
- Making the Wi-Fi connection
- Connecting with Bluetooth
- Setting a screen lock

03. Managing Apps

- Understanding apps
- Exploring the App Drawer
- Shopping at the Google Play Store
- Controlling your apps

04. Using Your Mobile Address Book

- Exploring the contacts list
- Creating a contact
- Editing a contact
- Managing the address book

05. Setting Up and Using Email

- Configuring your email accounts
- Reading and responding to email
- Composing a new message
- Attaching photos to an email
- Managing your email

06. On the Phone

- Talking on the phone
- Calling multiple people
- Mastering the phone experience
- Accessing voicemail

07. Text, Voice, and Video Chat

- Texting
- Hanging out with Google Hangouts
- Talking to the world with Skype

08. The Mobile Web

- Browsing the web
- Using tabs or multiple windows
- Managing bookmarks
- Web security settings

09. Everyone Smile for the Camera

- Snapping a shot
- Recording video
- Exploring shooting modes
- Managing images
- Sharing pictures and videos

10. From Here To There with Maps

- Exploring the world with the Maps app
- Locating people, places, and things
- Getting directions

11. Scheduling Your Life

- Reviewing appointments in the Calendar app
- Creating a new event
- Setting an alarms and timers

12. Storage, Sync, and Share

- Working with external storage
- Transferring files
- Exploring Android storage
- Sharing the mobile data network

13. Troubleshooting Your Android

- Problems and solutions
- Extending battery life
- Monitoring data usage

14. Conclusion

- Next steps

Other Features Android Essential Training:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Lynda

- Teacher: Dan Gookin

- Duration of training: 3 hours and 38 minutes

- Exercise project: no

- Software Required: Android

- Release Date: 24-07-2014

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle: No

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