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Download Android Education From Scratch Like A Pro

Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro is a highly functional and professional educational video tutorial on Android development training from the beginning. From the primitive and in vain activities to the useful programming, good exercises, design patterns and, finally, working with the CRUD program that uses the local database to store information, we are finishing up. In the Android Development Schedule from Scratch Like A Pro, you will learn all the steps you need to begin building your first program. This course is provided by Udemy and taught by Guilherme Silveira.

Through the Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro tutorial, you can view many of the APIs by relative layout, linear layout, scrollable view, text and ratings views, buttons, custom shapes, concepts, additional serializations, Create SQLite, SQL, DAO, Array Adapter, Dynamic List of Views, Action Buttons, Text Menus, and more.

Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro

Essentials of Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro:

- Basic knowledge of Java and Android

What do you get from the Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro:

- Top 35 lessons and 5.5 hours of content

- Use useful exercises

Target Audiences Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro:

- Developers who want to build their first program

- Android developers looking to create good habits

Tutorials for Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro:

1. Activities, skins and views

- Software, Activity and Layout

- View list, layout and connections view

- Who am I

2. Implement a form using the appropriate methods

- Launch of new major activities

- Improved student student design

- Practical exercises: Types of inputs and their role in UX

- Scroll View and Test your script

- Buttons, click listeners and toast

3. Shapes, Menus, Concepts and Activities

- Use custom shapes as display elements

- Customize the shape as a display element

- Intentions, switching activities and internal classes with switching in on mode

- End of sorting and replacement

- Completion of activities

- better understanding

- Create a menu of options

- Action menu with custom behaviors

- Action to choose

4. Patterns of reading data through observation

- Read data from a form

- ViewHelper pattern and a good practice

- Object Oriented and Our Model

- read ratings

5. Access the database with SQLite

- Save to database and DAO pattern

- Load information from the database

- Set ID to load information

- Understand activity lifecycle

- Implementing another part of the lifecycle activity

- our model

6. b6

- remove context action

- Remove from list

- Removed from the database

- Practical exercises: rewrite the program

7. Editing content

- Encounter all kind of clicks

- Serializable goals and data

- Fill in the form: the dark side of ViewHelper

- Check out the insertion and update

Video Tutorials for Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Guilherme Silveira

- Duration of training: 5.5 hours

- Training project: no

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: Mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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Android Development From Scratch Like A Pro

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