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Download An 16 Hour C Study Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

An 16 Hour C sharp Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, video training course of 16 hours of C # with Visual Studio 2013 that has been prepared and published by Udemy to have been interested in programming and learning #C Take One of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world is the #C language that has captured the views of many programmers and those who want to learn. Here's a sixteen hour curriculum, so if you're interested, you can fully understand this programming language. Tom Owsiak Rabiyah R, an instructor from An 16 Hour C sharp Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 , has been working on a comprehensive, step-by-step course for better learning. He first teaches the basics of programming with this language and then goes on to explain advanced topics. In the video tutorial An 16 Hour C sharp Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 on topics such as how to download and install Visual Studio, create and run a simple console, called variables, perform mathematical operations, loops, switches, arrays, Functions, working with SQL Server, how to use threads, create Windows services, create applications, understand Windows forms, simple WPF software, create a text editor, and more.

An 16 Hour C sharp Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
An 16 Hour C sharp Course with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Topics in this course:

00. Introduction

01. Learning The Fundamentals

- Configuring the Layout of Visual Studio
- Create A Template and Create and Run First Program
- Different Ways of Keeping Console Window Open
- What's a Statement, A Block, and a Comment
- Formatting Output Strings
- What's a Data Type, and Why Are They Needed
- Define a Local Variable, and Examine Its Values
- Copy Value Value Variables
- Define Two Variables From the Environment, and Perform Operate On Them
- Difference Between Dividing Integers, and Doubles
- Interacting With Users Through The Command Prompt
- Constants, And How They Are Used
- Explicit and Implicit Data Conversions

02. Program Flow

- Checking Simple Conditions With If / Else Blocks
- Repeating Blocks Of Code With While Loops
- If / Else Blocks with Multiple Options
- Repeating Blocks Of Code With For Loops
- Do While Loops
- Examining Multiple Options with Switch Blocks
- Going Thru Collections With Foreach Loops
- Controlling Useful While Loops With Break And Continue

03. Operator

- And Operator
- Or Operator
- Operator That Evaluate and Assign, and Nesting Control Structures
- Reversing Truth Values ​​With The Logical Negation Operator
- The Ternary Operator

04. Arrays and More

- Basic Functions
- Defining and Using Basic Arrays
- Building Graphs With Arrays and For Loops
- Reference Type Variables, and Creating Random Numbers
- Using the "ref" in the Modifier in Function Calls
- Using Out Parameters to Return Multiple Values ​​From Functions
- Multidimensional Arrays
- Passing Arrays as Function Arguments
- Params Keyword in Function Headers
- Enumerations

05. Fundamentals of Objected Oriented Programming

- Create A Simple Class With A Constructor
- Create A Class With A Constructor and A Function
- Create a Class with Two Methods, and String Splitting
- What's A User Defined Data Type
- Dynamic Data Typing
- Difference Between Dynamic and Var.
- Sharing Data Among Objects With Static
- Creating a Simple Inheritance Hierarchy
- IS A Relationships in Object Oriented Programming
- Class Functions and Object Functions
- Coding Properties
- Creating and Using Virtual Methods
- Abstract Classes, and Functions
- Improving On Arrays With Lists
- Polymorphism
- Using Custom Types as Parameter Data Types
- Overloading Operator
- Encapsulating Functions With Delegates
- Chaining Functions Together with Actions
- Responding To Events With Delegates
- Coding and Implementing Interfaces
- The Power of Generic Interfaces
- Access Modifiers
- Cleaning Strings
- Events With Simple Forms and Partial Classes

06. Error Handling

- Try-Catch-Finally Blocks In Graphical Apps
- Multiple Catch Blocks

07. Project With Object Class Functions And Graphics

- Overriding Object Equals and Get Hash Code
- Designing the User Interface, and Applying String Functions

08. Miscellaneous Topics

- Turning Objects Into Arrays With Indexers
- Writing And Reading Files, Very Simple Example
- Controlling Low-Level Access Using Using Statements
- Reading and Writing Files, Graphical Example
- Conditional Functions
- Nullable Data Types and Named Parameters
- Create a Dynamic Link Library and Reference It
- Fully Qualified Names
- Display All the Files and Folders in A Directory
- Build a Simple Web Browser

09. Modern Language Features

- Create and Use Generic Class
- List <T> With Predefined Types and ForEach
Build A Custom Type Database With Generics
- Using Generic Dictionaries, and A Project
- Lambda Expressions, and Lambda Statements
- Func <> Notation For Lambda Expressions, and Dynamic Variables

10. Database and LINQ Basics

- Download and Install SQL Server 2014 Express
- Write Code for Connecting to Databases
- Search Through Generic Lists With Linq
- Using Lambda Expressions in Linq Queries
- Use LINQ with XML
- Use Linq To Search For Words In A Graphical Application

11. WPF Basics

- Simple WPF App
- Controlling Columns and Rows
- Create a Simple GUI for Displaying Files
- Create a More Sophisticated WPF App

12. Threading and Asynchrony

- Create, Run, Suspend and Join Threads
- Simulate a Windows Screen Saver with Threading
- Async and Await For Asynchrony

13. Build A Text Editor

- Make the User Interface and Add an Open Dialog
- Add a Dialog for Saving
- Add Printing, Previewing, and Printing To Files

14. Miscellanious

- Connect A Windows Form To SQL Server With Navigation
- Serialization Example

Other specifications An 16 Hour C sharp Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 :

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Tom Owsiak Rabiyah R

- Training time: 16 hours

- Exercise project: no

- Software Requirements: Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013

- Release date: 2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle: No


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