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CS602 GDB solution

Dear Students
GDB for CS602 subject will open for two days from 6th February 2018 to 7th February 2018. (48 Hours only). You will be required to post your comments on following GDB Topic.
Topic for GDB
Lighting involves both the specification of the lights in a scene and the light-related properties of the objects in the scene. It also involves the process of computing the color for the components of a scene. The most detailed kinds of shading computation can involve deep subtleties of the behavior of light, including the way light scatters from various kinds of materials with various details of surface treatments. Considerable research has been done in these areas of lighting and shading.
Topic: Discuss and compare the factors having a major role in lighting properties and the properties of the materials of your objects.
Note:- Keep your comments brief and to the point, GDB will not be accepted via email in any case.