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CS201 GDB No 1 Solution

CS201 GDB No 1 Fall 2017

Dear Students, CS201 GDB Solution has been added. Here you can read or Download CS201 - introduction to programming Graded Discussion Board GDB No 1 Solution and Discussion of Semester Fall 2017. GDB Due Date is 11 January 2018. We are here to facilitate your learning and we do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.CS201 GDB No 1
Suppose you are required to write a C/C++ program for a bank in which all transactions of a day will be compared. Keep in mind a huge volume of transactions per day:
Your code should have following features:

  • The processing speed must be high.
  • The logic of the program must be simple.
  • Which decision structure (if-else and switch statement) would you choose to achieve above-mentioned features of code, and also mention reasons in favor of your choice.
Please Note: Answer must be comprehensive with logical reasoning. Confine your answer within 3 to 5 lines.

CS201 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2017

Solution idea by Muhammad Zubair

in my opinion switch statement is better than multiple if-else statements when we are using same variable in the case of multiple conditional expressions. By this, we can decrease our code length. Switch statement will be use to for efficiency and to reduce extra processing. as If else is not suitable where more than 5 comparisons exist. if we use if Else it will take extra processing cast resulting slow processing.


Switch statements have its best uses hen there are more conditions because as we know that if statements check for all the conditions and then when the condition is matched then the following body inside it is executed but this is not the case with switch condition as it directly checks for the compatible conditions and executes the code.

You can just take the idea and write in Your own words we strongly Recommend you to do not copy paste kindly. we will not be responsible in case of zero marks.

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