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MODx Web Development ebook free download

Get Free MODx Web Development ebook free download. MODx Web Development ebook free download 

Book Description:

Build a fully-functional, dynamic website with MODx — the powerful content management system and PHP web application framework. This book is a tutorial packed with examples that will show you how to install, configure, and customize MODx to create feature-rich, professional-looking web pages. This book is an example-driven tutorial, which will take you from the installation of MODx through to configuration, customization, and deployment. Step-by-step instructions will enable you to build a fully-functional, feature-rich website quickly and without any programming language. This book is ideal for those who want to learn to use MODx. Both beginner and experienced web developers will benefit from this comprehensive guide to MODx. No knowledge of PHP programming or any templating language is needed, but the more advanced chapters towards the end of the book will allow more confident developers to extend their applications even further by creating their own snippets.

Download PDF (12.2 MB)