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Microsoft Word 2013 50 Minutes Practice Test

Practice Test Microsoft Word 2013

Dear Students, Here You can read and Download Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Microsoft Word 2013 Practice Test 50 Minutes Project File. In this article we have provided you two files with Download Link at the end.
50 Minute Project File Microsoft Word 2013

  • Project Instructions for Exams
Demo of the above mentioned files is also given below:

Practice Test Microsoft Word 2013

Exercise 1:

  • Top 0.55” (1.4 cm)
  • Bottom 0.55” (1.4 cm)
  • Left 0.55” (1.4 cm)
  • Right 0.55” (1.4 cm)
1. Page Border
Exercise 2:
  • Settings: Box
  • Color: Dark Green, Accent 1
  • Width: 1 pt
2. Section Break
Exercise 1
  • Before “Deadliest volcanic eruption” heading
  • Section Break :Next Page
3. Modify Title Style
Microsoft Office Word 2007 makes it easy to benefit from styles without having to know much about them. However, you may want to know how styles work behind the scenes, or you may want to know what's new with styles in Office Word

How to Modify Title Style?
Exercise 1:

  • Document styles
  • Spacing After: 6 pt
4. Import Text from a FileCheck the box which says "Insert as a link"
At this instance, there is no option for text files. I can achieve this with Word files but not with text and match files.
I need to embed those in my Word document and do not want to send a dozen files across along with the document.

How to Import Text from a File?
Exercise 2:

5. Apply a style to text
Exercise 3:

  • Style Heading 2
  • “Fissure vent”
  • “Shield volcano”
  • “Lava dome”
  • “Strato-volcano”
Insert Columns
Exercise 2:

The text “Fissure vent……to civilization” below the “Volcanic features” heading
Number of column: 3
Create a bulleted list
Exercise 3:
Content under each of the four sub-headings below the “Volcanic features” heading

Define a multilevel list

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5…….

Indent bullet position: 0.5” (1.27 cm)

Text-indent: 0.75” (1.9 cm)
6. Covert the table to Text
Exercise 1

Table below “Components of a volcanic eruption” heading

Separate text with paragraph marks
7. Insert a drop cap
Exercise 2:

“Volcanoes” title at the top of the document
Type: In the margin
Insert and Modify Smart-Art

Exercise 3:
Below the “Components of a volcanic eruptions” heading

  • SmartArt Graphic: Picture Caption List
  • Shapes 2 (remove 1 shape)
  • Content for first shape
  • Level 1: “Airborne”
  • Level 2: “Ash”, “Gases and steam”, “Pyroclast” and “Scoria”
  • Content for the second shape
  • Level 1: “Earthbound”
  • Level 2: “Lava”, “Scoria” and “Tephra”
  • Height: 2.3” (6.35 cm)
Insert a caption for the SmartArt
Exercise 1

Below SmartArt
Label: Figure
Caption: “-Volcanic ejects by type”
Select text > Insert > Table Box > Convert to Table

Exercise 2:
All tabbed text from “Rank …. Strato-volcano” below the “Deadliest volcanic eruptions” heading

AutoFit to contents

Separate text at tabs

Table Style: Grid Table 4 Dark – Accent 3

Sort by: Death toll, Descending

Insert text under “Rank” in Column 1

“1, 2, 3, ……. 10”

Table dimensions should be 11 rows x 6 columns

Table dimensions should be 11 rows x 6 columns

Insert a caption for the table.

Exercise 1:

Below the table under “Deadliest volcanic eruptions” heading

Label: Table

Caption: “-Eruptions ranked by death toll”

Exercise 1:

Picture of volcanic eruption

Text wrapping: Through

Horizontal Alignment Right relative to Margin

Vertical Alignment Bottom relative to Margin

Exercise 1:

Page 2 Only

Orientation: Landscape

Exercise 2:

Page 1 only

Orientation: Portrait

Insert a text box

Text boxes will give you control over the position of a block of text in your document. You can place text boxes anywhere in the document and format them with shading and borders.

How to Insert a Text Box?

Home > Insert > Text Box

Exercise 1:
Page 2 Only

Text Box type: Banded Quote

Text “An estimated 500 million people live near active volcanoes.”

Horizontal Alignment Left relative to Margin.

Vertical Alignment Bottom relative to Margin.

Keep Banded Quote formatting.

Insert a footnote.

Exercise 1:

Place the note reference mark directly after the word “Deadliest” in the heading “Deadliest volcanic eruptions”

Footnote text “European Space Agency, 2009.”

Insert a Hyperlink

Exercise 1:

Use the text “1500 active volcanoes” in the first paragraph below the “Living with volcanoes” heading.

Address: www.adutum.com

Insert a Bookmark

Exercise 1:

Assign to the “Super-volcano: the great devastator” heading

Bookmark name: “Super”

Modify the views of the document

Exercise 1:


Show ruler

Exercise 2:


Show Navigation Pane

Add a document property

Exercise 1:


Subject: “Volcanoes”

Exercise 2:


Title: “Volcanoes”

Modify Save options

Exercise 1:


Save AutoRecover information every 15 minutes

Embed fonts in the file

Exercise 2:


Save AutoRecover information every 2 minutes

Embed fonts in the file

50 Minute Project File Microsoft Word 2013 Download Link


Project Instructions for Exams Download Link