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Living Clojure ebook free download

Get Free Living Clojure ebook free download. Living Clojure ebook free download 

Book Description:

If you’re an experienced programmer looking for a thorough but gentle introduction to Clojure, this is the perfect guide for you. Author Carin Meier not only provides a practical overview of this JVM language and its functional programming concepts, but also includes a complete hands-on training course to help you learn Clojure in a structured way.

The first half of the book takes you through Clojure’s unique design and lets you try your hand at two Clojure projects, including a web app. The holistic course in second half provides you with critical tools and resources, including ways to plug into the Clojure community.

* Understand the basic structure of a Clojure expression
* Learn how to shape and control code in a functional way
* Discover how Clojure handles real-world state and concurrency
* Take advantage of Java classes and learn how Clojure handles polymorphism
* Manage and use libraries in a Clojure project
* Use the core.async library for asynchronous and concurrent communication
* Explore the power of macros in Clojure programming
* Learn how to think in Clojure by following the book’s seven-week training course

Download PDF (4.7 MB)