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Happy new year Wishes 2018

As you turn the leaf for another new chapter in your life, a promising new year awaits you. Another 365 days of hidden opportunities that you would be exploring as you go along the New Year 2018. This is a time to embrace the gift of life, to show gratitude towards your dear ones - your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors’ and relatives for being there for you, to make New Year resolutions and check the boxes as you embark on the New Year’s journey. To help you thank your loved ones for being an indispensable part of your life, we have some help for you. Here are some thoughtful New Year messages and wishes that you can send on the New Year's Eve and express what they mean to you:new year

Happy New Year Wishes for Your Loved Ones

  • You made the year 2017 so wonderful for me. You made me smile, laugh, cry out the tears of joy! I realized I wasn't this happy ever. I cannot thank you enough for bringing so much cheer into my life. Let's make the New Year 2018 even happier. Wish you a very happy new year, my love.new year
  • My fondness for you grew even stronger this year. I love the way you confide in me and express your feelings so easily. My only wish for you in the New Year is, just stay the same, dear. You are a rare find. Happy New Year!
  • Minutes turn into hours but you conversations never end. Here's to another 365 days on non-stop chatter! Wish you a very happy new year, my friend.new year
  • If craziness had another name, it would be yours! Your craziness is communicable and you smile - infectious! I have been able to hold both up this year, and hope to do the same in the New Year too! Here's to another crazy 365 days together! Happy New Year.
  • You bubble up wisdom every time you talk. I am enchanted and wonder how you manage to do it every single time. You, my friend, are flawless and perfect! I wish I could be half as wise as you this New Year. Keep spreading the light and I'll continue to crack you up with my wisecracks. Happy And Wise New Year To Us!new year
  • It's wonderful to see you grow into this affectionate, giving and loving person. You inspire me every day to become more humble and kind. I am proud of you and grateful that you are in my life. Happy New Year to you, stay blessed.
  • We might be living zones apart, but I must tell you, you live in my heart. I pray for your well-being every day and wish you succeed in every challenge life throws at you. I realized, distance does make the heart grow fonder. You might be far, but you are always near. Happy New Year!
  • How do you manage to take on life with such grace and ease? The smile on your face is the purest I have ever seen, and I should say: I am hooked. Accept hearty New Year wishes from my side.
  • My New Year message to you is "You Are A Distraction." Just stop being so cute in this New Year, will you? Happy New Year, cutie-pie!
  • I know it has been a rough year for you, but I am so proud that you handled it strongly. Just remember, I am always by your side, come what may. Here's wishing you an awesome new year ahead. Hugs

 new year