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Fast ASP.NET Websites ebook free download

Get Free Fast ASP.NET Websites ebook free download. Fast ASP.NET Websites ebook free download 

Book Description:

Fast ASP.NET Websites delivers just what it promises – practical, hands-on guidance to create faster, more efficient ASP.NET sites and applications. This book offers step-by-step .NET-specific examples showing you how to apply classic page optimization tips, ASP.NET-specific techniques, and ways to leverage new HTML5 features.

There’s a real cost to inefficient HTTP requests, overloaded data streams, and bulky scripts. Server throughput is a precious commodity, and seconds—even tiny fractions of a second—can seem like an eternity while a visitor waits for your site to load. As an ASP.NET developer, there are dozens of techniques you can apply immediately to make your sites and applications faster. You’ll find them here.

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