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Effective network means that the network has fast delivery, timeliness and
Ø  high bandwidth
Ø  duplex transmission
Ø  accurate transmission  (P6)
Ø  low bandwidth

A set of devices connected by communication links is called networking
Ø  True (P12)
Ø  False

_______ is a multipoint topology.
Ø  Ring
Ø  Mesh
Ø  Tree
Ø  Bus

_________requires the maximum number of I/O ports.
Ø  Bus
Ø  Star
Ø  Mesh        (P29)
Ø  Ring
Unidirectional traffic movement is overcome by dual ring technology.
Ø  True    (P33)
Ø  False

As the data packet moves from the lower to the upper layers, headers are
Ø  added
Ø  subtracted
Ø  rearranged
Ø  modified

Data chunk at data link layer is called________
Ø  frame
Ø  packet  (P38)
Ø  datagram

The _________ layer is the layer closest to the transmission medium.
Ø  Physical  (PAGE45)
Ø  data link
Ø  network
Ø  transport

Data synchronization is a function related with ___________
Ø   session layer       (page 51)
Ø  presentation layer
Ø  transport

Which layer is responsible for a source to destination delivery of entire message?
Ø  transport layer  (P59)
Ø  network layer
Ø  session layer
Ø  application layer

Encryption and encoding are the same terms.
Ø  True
Ø  False  (P52)

TCP/IP model Application layer incorporate OSI Application and presentation
Ø  layers
Ø  True
Ø  False

A sine wave must be an analog signal.
Ø  True  (P58)
Ø  False

Question No: 14 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one periodic signal can always be decomposed into _____________
Ø  exactly an odd number of sine waves
Ø  a set of sine waves
Ø  set of sine waves, one of them which must have a phase of 00
Ø  none of the given  (P58)

Manchester is a type of ____________encoding.
Ø  Biphase  (P75)
Ø  polar
Ø  biphase & polar
Ø  none of the given

The powerful carrier signal is called as the___________
Ø  carrier frequency (P86)
Ø  base signal
Ø  carrier frequency and base signal
Ø  none of given

Modulation of an analog signal can be accomplished through changing the
___________ of the carrier signal.
Ø  amplitude
Ø  frequency
Ø  phase
Ø  all of the given  (P58)

In _____________ transmission, bits are transmitted over a single wire, one at a
Ø  Asynchronous serial
Ø  Synchronous serial
Ø  Parallel   (P99)
Ø  Asynchronous & Synchronous serial

In RS 422 Balanced mode two lines carry ________ signals which are not
identical to each other.
Ø  Same (P109)
Ø  different
Ø  digital
Ø  analog

A ______________ converts an analog signal into a digital signal.
Ø  Demodulator  (P110)
Ø  Modulator
Ø  Digital-to-analog converter