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Axure Prototyping Blueprints ebook free download

Get Free Axure Prototyping Blueprints ebook free download. Axure Prototyping Blueprints ebook free download 

Book Description:

Axure Prototyping Blueprints provides you with a rapid introduction to Axure’s interfaces and Adaptive Views and quickly familiarizes you with pages, panes, and the design area.

After a brief introduction to Axure, this book will help you to develop the capabilities to build simple to more complex interactive prototypes. This goal will be accomplished with a quick run through of Axure’s fundamentals, followed by an exploration of detailed blueprints of different prototypes. You’ll also learn how to build a content aggregator, pulling together information from multiple sources and a sample portfolio prototype.

Towards the end of the book, Axure Prototyping Blueprints will utilize the Repeater widget to build an e-commerce prototype. Equipped with these new design patterns and methods, readers can complete engaging interactive projects faster.

Download PDF (14.80 MB)