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21: Parameterized Constructor-- Java Programming in Urdu

Parameterized Constructor

Java parameterized constructor

A constructor that have parameters is known as parameterized constructor.

Why use parameterized constructor?

Parameterized constructor is used to provide different values to the distinct objects.
Example of parameterized constructor

In this example, we have created the constructor of Student class that have two parameters. We can have any number of parameters in the constructor.
class Student4{  
    int id;  
    String name;  
    Student4(int i,String n){  
    id = i;  
    name = n;  
    void display(){System.out.println(id+" "+name);}  
    public static void main(String args[]){  
    Student4 s1 = new Student4(111,"Karan");  
    Student4 s2 = new Student4(222,"Aryan");