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Multimedia: Making It Work by Tay Vaughan 8th Edition

Book Name: Multimedia: Making It Work
Author Name: Tay Vaughan
Edition: Eighth Edition
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pages: 481 Pages
Size: 16.2 MB
Type: Text Book
Format: pdf


The Definitive Guide to Multimedia---Fully Updated
     Learn the basic elements of multimedia and the skills required for a successful multimedia career from this up-to-date, full-color resource. Covering both Windows and Mac platforms, Multimedia: Making It Work, Eighth Edition explains how to incorporate text, images, sound, animation, and video into compelling projects. Hardware and software tools are described in detail. Discover how to design, organize, produce, and deliver multimedia projects on the Web, CD-ROM, and DVD. Each chapter includes full-color illustrations and screenshots, professional insights from multimedia experts, self-quizzes, and hands-on projects.

Find out how to:
  • Master the fundamentals of multimedia, including text, images, sound, animation, and video
  • Record, process, and edit digital audio and use MIDI
  • Work with bitmap, vector, and 3-D images
  • Create vivid computer-generated animations
  • Shoot and edit digital video
  • Choose the most suitable hardware, software, and authoring tools for your project
  • Design dynamic Web content
  • Determine the scope and cost of a multimedia project
  • Acquire the best content and talent for your budget
  • Select and manage a multimedia project team
  • Design, produce, and test your project
  • Prepare a professional multimedia project for various delivery methods, including the Internet, wireless devices, CD-ROM, and DVD
Each chapter includes:
  • Learning objectives
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Helpful notes, tips, and warnings
  • Chapter summaries and key term lists
  • End-of-chapter quizzes and lab projects
The CD-ROM features:
  • Additional chapter review questions in a practice test application
  • Trial versions of multimedia software
  • Complete e-book

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