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Why c++ is a popular programming language

Why c++ is a popular programming languageC++ is the general programming language almost everybody learns in their early programming days to build up a strong understanding of basic programming concepts. It is still a popular programming language in the programming language family. Many languages like Java and C# have been influenced by Cplusplus.

Some of the main features mentioned below:

It is first of its kind in programming languages. Simple and deep in its functioning, and this is why most of the time people learn it first to get the basic concepts right. 

Direct System access:
C++ have commands to access the hardware of the system on which it is operating. It gives you more power over the machine.

Object bases programming:
Like other popular programming languages, it provides you the object-based approach to solve real-world problems. 

User-defined function and operator overloading:
Custom function overloading when you design your data types. 

Pointers are very interesting and sensitive feature of C. It plays an important role in memory allocation and control.

C++ is so powerful that if you use it insensibly, it can crash your system.