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Mastering Network Security 2nd Edition by Chris Brenton

Mastering Network Security 2nd Edition by Chris Brenton
Book Name: Mastering Network Security
Author Name: Chris Brenton, Cameron Hunt
Edition: Second Edition
Publisher: Sybex Inc.
Pages: 508 Pages
Size: 6.07 MB
Type: Text Book
Format: pdf


     Security is the hottest topic in IT, as well as everywhere else. The past four significant Internet worm attacks alone have cost companies more than $10 billion in repairs and lost productivity. And as hackers continue to discover new ways to exploit vulnerable networks, the need for up-to-date security information grows. This new edition of the highly acclaimed and best-selling "Mastering Network Security" provides a systematic and practical approach to assessing threats to the network and implementing workable and effective security measures to avert them. The coverage ranges from physical network security to data theft and viruses.
     Expertise is what makes hackers effective. It’s what will make you effective, too, as you fight to keep them at bay. Mastering Network Security has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments in security technology, but it does much more than bring you up to date. More importantly, it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the threats to your organization’s network and teaches you a systematic approach in which you make optimal use of the technologies available to you. 
Coverage includes:
  • Understanding security from a topological perspective
  • Configuring Cisco router security features
  • Selecting and configuring a firewall
  • Configuring Cisco’s PIX firewall
  • Configuring an intrusion detection system
  • Providing data redundancy
  • Configuring a Virtual Private Network
  • Securing your wireless network
  • Implementing authentication and encryption solutions
  • Recognizing hacker attacks
  • Detecting and eradicating viruses
  • Getting up-to-date security information
  • Locking down Windows NT/2000/XP servers
  • Securing UNIX, Linux, and FreBSD systems

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