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Elementary Linear Algebra Solution Manual 10th Edition By Anton, Rorres

Elementary Linear Algebra Solution Manual 10th Edition By Anton, Rorres

Book Name: Elementary Linear Algebra
Author Name: Howard Anton, Chris Rorres
Edition: Tenth Edition
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Pages: 265 Pages
Size: 2.94 MB
Type: Solution Manual
Format: pdf


     Elementary Linear Algebra Solution Manual 10th edition gives an elementary treatment of linear algebra that is suitable for the first course for undergraduate students. The aim is to present the fundamentals of linear algebra in the clearest possible way; pedagogy is the main consideration. Calculus is not a prerequisite, but there are clearly labeled exercises and examples (which can be omitted without loss of continuity) for students who have studied calculus. Technology also is not required, but for those who would like to use MATLAB, Maple, or Mathematica, or calculators with linear algebra capabilities, exercises are included at the ends of chapters that allow for further exploration using those tools. It is very helpful for students. They can easily solve their problem with with the help of this instructor manual.
     A concluding chapter covers twenty applications of linear algebra drawn from business, economics, physics, computer science, ecology, genetics, and other disciplines. The applications are independent and each includes a list of mathematical prerequisites.