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Principles of Information Systems 9th Edition

Principles of Information Systems 9th Edition

Book Name: Principles of Information Systems
Author Name: Ralph M. Stair, George W. Reynolds
Edition: Ninth Edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Pages: 705 pages
Size: 23.1 MB
Type: Text Book
Format: pdf


     Now thoroughly streamlined and revised, PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Ninth Edition, retains the overall vision and framework that made the previous editions so popular while eliminating outdated topics and updating information, examples, and case studies. In just 600 pages, accomplished authors Ralph Stair and George Reynolds cover IS principles and their real-world applications using timely, current business examples and hands-on activities. Regardless of their majors, students can use this book to understand and practice IS principles so they can function more effectively as workers, managers, decision makers, and organizational leaders.

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